Wounded by security forces and fearing for her life, Michele Ndoki, a Cameroonian lawyer and political activist, was forced to hide. She was tracked, arrested – and now faces the death penalty.

On 26th January, the Cameroonian security forces shot Mrs Ndoki 3 times. She was trying to visit one of her friends in hospital, who had been shot by the authorities earlier that day during a peaceful protest.

In fear for her life, she went into hiding, stating many times that she was afraid of being a target. She feared that being held in detention with bullet wounds would pose a serious threat to her health.

On 25th February, she was arrested while trying to cross the border to Nigeria and was interrogated for over a week by the Special Operations Group (in French ‘Groupement Spécial d’opérations’- GSO).

She was then charged by the military court for rebellion, hostility against the homeland, incitement to insurrection, offence against the President of the Republic, and destruction of public buildings and goods.

She now faces the death penalty – the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment, and a violation of the fundamental right to life.

131 other people have been also charged with the same crimes by a military court because they took part inthe same peaceful protest, as the Cameroonian authorities intensify their post-election crackdown on their critics. All of them also face death penalty.

Sign the petition now and urge the Cameroonian authorities to immediately release Michele Ndoki and all the people arbitrarily arrested in the wave of the crackdown against criticism.