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Karamoja Development Forum (KDF) is running a Pastoralist Information Center (PIC) aimed at building grassroots networks to strengthen pastoralist advocacy efforts in order to shape policy and practice as well as strengthen Pastoralists networks in Karamoja and across regional and national borders by encouraging interconnectedness within and out of Karamoja.

The PIC is interconnected in itself by components of an action research team, mobile phone connectivity, and community members. The action research team is trained at the KDF secretariat and tasked to enter and interact with community members to have an in-depth understanding and analysis of community members who are largely pastoralists. The action research team creates a direct connection with herders and together with Pastoralists networks arrive at pertinent issues for advocacy around their communities. The action research team aims at coalescing voices and connecting herder communities to together discuss their issues and agree on common positions. The action research team uses audio-visual methods to capture information which is subjected to analysis at the KDF secretariat.

The audiovisual information is processed at the secretariat into short video clips, MP3 audio file messages and still pictures for use during community meetings on pertinent issues or pass messages to other herder communities when a recommendation has been made; say for a community dialogue on resource sharing or educational materials regarding pasture management, livestock management, land rights or general information on livestock.

The PIC supports mass audio out bound call of up to 200 mobile numbers. Using this opportunity, KDF processes MP3 audio information and schedules automatically initiated calls to all target numbers. Here, messages from key kraal leaders and stakeholders are passed to all target mobile phone numbers across the herder community. In case a mobile number is unreachable at the time of the call, the system is enabled to repeat the call on such a number three times at an interval of five minutes.

KDF, through the PIC, has reached out to hundreds of herders and groups, made connections and reconnections between herders and service providers as well as policymakers. The PIC has ensured interconnectedness in instances of livestock health and marketing.

(I think this is also old content, with the old PIC system described. Could you look at the items I had listed on the other document?)