Empowering the future of the Karamoja Region.

Empowering the future of the Karamoja Region.

A better future for all of Karamoja

We hope to instill a better and more remarkable future as well as shape young people from all over the Karamoja region into better youth and more responsible leaders.

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A gendered look at Etamam: what I understand & my experience as a woman

By Margaret Mudong Rupa sub county, Moroto, Etamam is sending a report to another person or community over an issue requesting for permission and help. Normally the report is sent…

The further the distance migrated to, the harder the task for women Achia Regina, Pastoralist, Nadunget sub county, Moroto

I’m a real kraal woman, I accompany the cows everywhere they move to. At the peak of migration, I pick my gourd, my skin, my source pans, my funnel, beddings…

My experiences on initiating ETAMAM

As part of the peace committee in Kobebe Rangeland, we initiated dialogues on access and use of water and pasture at Kobebe rangelands. Before we initiate this process, the peace…

Thinking globally, acting locally: in the face of climate change, Karamojong traditional negotiation mechanism ensures increased access to critical resources

The decline of global extreme poverty continues, but has slowed. The deceleration indicates that the world is not on track to achieve the target of less than 3 per cent…

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