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Take Anything, Leave Our Land:

Land in Karamoja is communally owned and is used for settlement, livestock rearing and crop growing. Due to previous insecurity and low population densities, a large portion of the land in Karamoja appears deserted as chunks of it are mainly used for grazing.
Pastoralism remains the most resilient livelihood and food security system in the region. This is because of its adaptability to the harsh and unpredictable climatic conditions of the region. Karamoja’s vast grazing grounds, lands with high agricultural potential and natural resources, continue to lure private investors, speculators and the government. These acquisitions are bolstered by a stereotypical working culture steeped in decades of marginalization and haphazard development interventions.

It is upon this background that we find the two land acquisition cases that are the focus of this report.
This study presents findings from a case in Namalu Sub County in Nakapiripirit district, and Kautakou village in Ngoleriet Sub County in Napak district.

This report is dedicated to the 50 children, women and elderly from Namalu who passed away between February and December 2014 from cold and hunger.

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Karamojong mother and children at home