LIMESTONE SITE: Who will hear us?

We are all alone in this fight, even the LC3, Sub County is not helping us. This place, Kosiroi, is for everybody. It is like a woman that all men can admire. Like a road that all people can use. Like a Health Centre that can treat everyone.

We want to be consulted and informed on all processes.

This place, Kosiroi, has been our grazing land. We have well known people who grazed their animals here. When we first heard that a mineral (stones) have been discovered on our grazing land, we rejected it. We under estimated its potential. They still managed to get it, and to us it was a small portion, very negligible. It is no more a grazing land. We are now fighting over it.

Tororo Cement should come clear on how it will reconstruct our environment. We want them to fill the huge holes created and plant trees on them.

We want government to stop these drivers from supplying us with alcohol. It is killing our people badly. So far, about 50 have died.

We did not know there was LIFE here. It was God`s plan that it was here and it was to be ours. This gift (mineral) from God is for the Tepeth.

Since the cars were stopped, we (women) have gone hungry.

Tororo Cement has gotten satisfied. They no longer want to listen to us.

Let us agree to increase prices charged on stones. No one should stop that.

Tororo Cement should return to its original site.

Tororo Cement has been acting like a thief. One that steals intestines from your animal and leaves it hollow.


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