Peter Loruk is the current chairman Board of Directors at Karamoja Development Forum. 

Loruk addressed elders at Akiriket on the second day of KDF Food Security and agenda setting conference 2015.

Here below are excerpts of his speech.

I greet you all, my name is Loruk Peter. I am one of the members of Karamoja Development Forum (KDF). KDF is an organization by your children. When you produced us you sent some to be shepherds and some to school, now the ones from school are the ones who have formed this organization and the members are over 6000 (now over 8000 on Facebook).You took us to school and when we grew up we joined hands together from Dodoth to Pokot. KDF is now over 4 years, we never talked /coordinated under such a tree but over the phone and computer with even your children who are outside. We did this to find out what we wanted to base on, we sat down and said let us form an organization that will be a platform to bridge the locals and the government. It is good for a child to go to school and keep in mind where he/she comes from, so we formed this organization.

This organization is yours not for the government – it is by your children to be able to raise issues affecting Karamoja. If there is anything in Karamoja they are the ones to raise to the whole world. Someone said the Karimojong are not educated but they are, so their number is a full raid group. Just like you wished them good luck with education, they have also come to meet with you so that you can wish them good luck. KDF is a new born baby that needs blessings, it is like a seed that can be planted and so it sprouts and bears fruit.

Yesterday was the first meet and launch of KDF, to meet with elders so that they can raise their voices. What you heard yesterday has spread through to the white man’s land. This organization aims to raise issues about development. Issues about developing Karamoja have been discussed in offices and we thought that these issues can also be discussed together with the elders so that at the end of the day we all sit back satisfied saying all of us participated-so that is what this organization is up to. What you have talked you will get it heard, even if you talk about education we also handle those issues. What is very important is the life of a Karimojong-whatever life the Karimojong glorifies will be what this organization will focus on.

We are for everything that is about Karamoja’s Development-so, this organization is seeking life from you, raise it up so that it can work hand in hand with government in regard to Karamoja’s development. It is asking for blessings. Secondly, the health of Karimojong, we heard it being said the population of Karamoja has reduced. We are praying for the health of the Karimojong children. Pray for your children-for jobs, now these offices if your children do not sit in, there is nothing good/development that will come of it. If your son gets a job he can also educate others. This organization is thus asking for job blessings, some of these people have gone to school and have even finished.

I also want to thank the Karimojong community for the relative peace that is existing and I would like you elders to uphold peace in Karamoja and as I close, uphold this organization for the Development of Karamoja.

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