Children, the first victims of land grabbing.

First published here in July 2016

Since 1991 when the Organization of African Unity (now African Union) gazzetted June 16th the Day of the African child in memory of the children murdered in 1976 in a demonstration against the apartheid regime in Soweto, it has become a day to remember those children and draw attention to the lives of African children today.READ MORE


LIMESTONE SITE: Who will hear us?

We are all alone in this fight, even the LC3, Sub County is not helping us. This place, Kosiroi, is for everybody. It is like a woman that all men can admire. Like a road that all people can use. Like a Health Centre that can treat READ MORE


Here, we shed blood to live!.

“Here, life is hard. It is not like from town (where you come from). Here, we shed blood to live. Come here and try to break this stone. Can you manage?” One community member speaking to us.READ MORE