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Karamoja Development Forum is an internet group started on Facebook but with the ultimate aim of causing positive change in Karamoja region. It is a group of people of all races, gender and origin, what is common between them however is that they have Karamoja at heart and want something to be done to change the fate of its people. To cause this change, they are determined to start it, themselves.

Our Vision is “to provide a platform for Ngikarimojong to inform, sensitize, educate, advocate and discuss development issues; rights, duties and responsibilities and to effectively engage them in development, holding stakeholders accountable”.

Become a volunteer

KDF relies on a wide array of volunteers to support its work including online volunteers, working and implementing tasks in the comfort of their homes or offices.


Meet the Team

Studio Funki

Teba Emma

Seana Achiangmoe

Moses Anyakun

Simon Peter Longoli